Better Wood, Better Fires, Happier Customers

Are you looking for a reliable firewood provider?  We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality hardwood Firewood at an affordable price.

We sell Firewood year-round.  Our logs are bark split firewood logs that provide an optimum burning experience.  This is what it is all about, great burning firewood.

We process the trees we cut down into 16” firewood, only processing hardwoods like Ash, Maple, Oak, Walnut, Beech, and Hickory to name a few.   Our firewood is 100% recycled from the trees we remove.  We continue to do our part to recycle the trees we remove.  All our firewood is from Northern New Jersey.

Reasons to love our Firewood:

  • Carbon Neutral – By burning our local firewood, you make a difference with greenhouse gases. The CO2 released during the burning process equals the CO2 trapped when the tree grows.
  • 100% Energy – You get the satisfaction of knowing you got your energy and heat locally from your community. 100% New Jersey energy is what you are getting.
  • Save on Landfill Space – When you receive your firewood delivery, you will be looking at how much space YOU saved in our landfills. Together we save thousands of feet of waste.
  • Local Community & Economy – We are a local tree service here in West Milford. Using our firewood not only cleans up our community of dead trees and limbs but also supports our local economy.

There is nothing like having a real wood fire in your fireplace!  We take the stress out of purchasing firewood by keeping it simple and affordable. You can call the same company year after year and talk to the same people each time. You will be talking to someone who knows you, understands your firewood preferences, and cares about your satisfaction. Most importantly, you will never have to worry about getting ripped off again!

When buying firewood there are many things to consider. The true measurement for a full cord of firewood is 4ft deep X 8ft wide X 4ft high. The firewood is cut into a standard 16″ piece. There are many firewood suppliers that sell firewood by the face cord which is only 16 inches deep X 8ft wide X 4ft high. It takes 3 face cords to equal a full cord. When you purchase your firewood with RJS Tree Service you can be guaranteed that you will always receive a TRUE FULL CORD OF WOOD – not just what “fits on the truck” like some companies.

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